3. Training and Technical Assistance


There should be a college that accepts a child's "diploma" without it being costly for the parent(s) and or the child wanting to further his/her education. Being a mother of a child who does not have a "normal diploma" but wishes to attend college, and is being told that a GED would need to be obtained in order to attend or where it is accepted is very costly it's disappointing, and frustrating. Parents with kid(s) that have a disability tries to encourage the child letting them know that they can accomplish what they put their minds to do, yet after high school you're being told by the agencies that are supposed to help your child, that they can only put them to work. Some give a two week training, and then say that the child must now find a job. These kid(s) have a disability where some can do more than others, and they should be treated on a one on one basis not based on what seems to be rules set forth by these agencies. I don't know what criteria's these agencies are or aren't given, however a change must be done to ensure no child is left behind who looked forward to attending college after graduating high school.


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