1. Successful Strategies

One-Stop Integration

In Philadelphia, PA there is an integration model taking place to enhance career pathways. PA CareerLink Philadelphia coordinates office space so an OVR counselor can have an office in the one-stop 1-2 days/week for job seekers who self-ID. When job seekers are WIOA registered (The person can work 30+ hours/week), they have access to trainings through the one-stop. One way to enhance this model would be to have a "fast track" method during the registration process so it can be done in one day versus multiple; if there was a "fast track" workforce advisor and Job Developer in the one-stop, this may aid the process. The integration occurring in Philadelphia also brings community partners and employers to the centers, which are open to the public; the relationships enable job seekers to learn more about the career. For instance, there was a partnership with Temple U for a Customer Service training where job seekers received a National Certification; an employer panel was set up at the end of the training to provide dialogue on where the industry is, as well as where it's headed. After the panel, the employers had the ability to have interviews with the candidates for their various openings. The 16 candidates were TANF, 55+, soon to be displaced, and WIOA; to my knowledge, there were no candidates to self-ID as having a disability but it is always possible; from these candidates, there were at least 4 to be strongly considered for the openings of the 3 employers who interviewed.


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